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Nov 8 2012

4 fabulous hotels for a long-awaited visit to Sydney

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I’ve had a yearning to visit Sydney, Australia, for as long as I can remember. Back in my youth – before e-mail and the Internet (imagine that!) – I had a pen pal there, and we wrote letters to each other (on paper!) and sent them around the planet via airmail. I usually got a letter about once a month, and she told stories of being a teen in Australia. I was fascinated with the country then and still am today. Somehow, it seems unfair to me that my daughter visited both Australia and New Zealand when she was only 13, and I have yet to get there!

So, since my 30th wedding anniversary isn’t so far off, I’ve decided that perhaps it will be the perfect time to realize my dream of visiting Sydney. travel42 just updated its hotel reviews for Australia, and as I was editing them, I picked out a few properties that would be ideal places for my stay in Sydney. And since I’ve been waiting so long, I’m going for the luxurious best. Take a look! I think you’ll agree that these properties would be the ultimate for my dream vacation.

The Park Hyatt Sydney is looking better than ever after a yearlong renovation. It’s a boutique-hotel with a sophisticated look, and I’m sure I’ll love the Aboriginal art in the lobby. The Dining Room offers optimal views of the opera house, so I think I’ll eat there a lot. And I’ll probably hang out at the rooftop pool for more views. The rooms have balconies, so I’ll pick one with a view of the opera house. You can even see the famed icon from many of the guest beds. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep!

The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney also has just been renovated and is looking great, as you’d expect of this chain. The hotel is ideally situated, overlooking the harbor and the opera house and close to shopping and businesses. I think I’ll sit on the plush lounge chair in my room for a while just taking in the sights of the harbor and enjoying the stunning opera house view. Then perhaps I’ll go out to the heated outdoor pool and enjoy the view some more. I’m sure I’ll never see enough of that gorgeous opera house (do I sound a bit obsessed?).

Equally luxurious is the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney. It also is in a great location and has exceptional views of that fabulous harbor. There’s a bar on the rooftop here, so I’ll probably be up there enjoying a cocktail along with the harbor views. And the restaurant will be a great place to dine to see the city illuminated at night. It’s sure to be magical! Even the spa has views of the harbor, so I’ll be relaxing there as well.

The BLUE Sydney also sounds fabulous, with one small problem: no views of the opera house! It does have views of the harbor, though, and it’s right beside the Royal Botanic Gardens, which I know I would love. The hotel is both historic and contemporary chic, a winning combination in my book.

With these exceptional hotels, my visit to Sydney is sure to be everything I’ve dreamed of all these years. How about you? Have you been lucky enough to have already visited the land down under? What’s your favorite hotel in Sydney? Please let us know!


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