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Dec 2 2016

A week aboard the Oceania Riviera

Category: Cruisestravel42 @ 06:41

travel42 contributor Ramsey Qubein shares his experience of the week he recently spent aboard the amenity-rich Oceania Riviera. More...

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Jun 16 2016

Juneau Tours: Whale watching at its finest

Category: Cruises | Destinations | On The Scenebhicks @ 05:28

When adventuring in Juneau, Alaska, whale watching seems to be a standard "go-to" activity for most tourists. Many companies offer tours, and at first glance it may be hard to decide with whom to embark. Luckily, this blogger has well informed local friends, so I chose Juneau Tours- a well established and locally respected brand. Booking this excursion was simple and fast, and the cost is very consistent with the quality of the tour.

I sailed with my good friend Patrick, we arrived early and were able to chat for a moment with Emily and Jon, the deckhands. Both of these employees were highly motivated to be there, and seemed to genuinely enjoy leading the trips out to see the humpback whales. More...


Aug 27 2015

Do I really need travel insurance?

This post comes from Denise Rogers, travel42 Advisory Board member and owner of Palm Beach Travel Genie. Want to learn more about the top agents on our Advisory Board? Click here.

Travel Insurance. Just the thought of it makes people groan and roll their eyes—travel professionals and clients alike.

Admittedly, it's not a sexy topic, but it is an essential one. After their homes and cars, travel is often the next-largest investment people make. Clients buy insurance on themselves, their homes and cars; they need to insure their vacations, as well.

I don't know how many times I've heard, "I don’t need insurance; I'm going even if I have to go on a stretcher!" Well, that optimism is interesting but just not practical. Or I'll hear, "Nothing is wrong with me. Why should I waste my money on insurance?" I don’t know about yours, but my crystal ball doesn’t predict the future very well. I have seen perfectly healthy people need insurance.

I once had 22 family members booked on a cruise: grandparents, parents and children. They boarded the ship midafternoon. Two hours later, More...

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Apr 16 2015

4 cruises that come with bragging rights

Category: CruisesMegan Leader @ 04:37

River cruising has experienced a surge in popularity in the past few years. With multigenerational travel on the rise, as well, cruising is having a bit of a renaissance. And it should! Cruising is a great way to get a sampling of a variety of destinations without having to worry about packing up every night and losing precious travel time in airports and train stations. It's a great way to travel.

But while many clients might be exploring their options for their first European river cruise, or their first big Caribbean getaway, long-time cruise lovers might be looking for a way to separate themselves from the pack. These four cruises certainly accomplish this goal. Not only will you come away with once-in-a-lifetime memories, but you'll also appreciate the magic and peace of mind that come with taking a great cruise.

The Uniworld River Tosca lounge, photo courtesy of Uniworld

The downside of some cruises is that you don't get to experience an area in-depth. Not so with More...

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Mar 17 2015

Best Of: Where to stay before a cruise

Category: Cruises | Hotels | Best OfMegan Leader @ 06:26

There's something special about the anticipation travelers feel before departing on a cruise: Whether you're traveling to the Caribbean or Alaska, or if you're sailing along the Rhine, your expectations are high and you're ready for an adventure, so you want to make sure your trip starts out on the right foot. That's why we've collected some of our top hotel recommendations for an exceptional stay before your cruise departure.


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Nov 17 2014

3 spectacular cruise experiences

Category: Cruises | Destinationsadmin @ 11:09

I took my first cruise in the mid-1980s when the cruise industry as we now know it was in its infancy. The cruise took place just after Carnival became the first cruise line to advertise on TV. Who could forget Kathy Lee Johnson (now Gifford) telling us “Carnival’s Got the Fun!” That first cruise was not a great experience, however, and I didn’t cruise again for 15 or so years. More...

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Dec 15 2011

Travel thrill seekers: Is the risk outweighing the reward?

Category: Cruises | RecreationJanet @ 09:33

I was so saddened to hear about the death of a woman in November who was parasailing with her daughter while on vacation in St. Thomas. What was supposed to be a delightful vacation turned tragic. Stories like this are unfortunately becoming more common. More...

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