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Jan 22 2016

The 10 best places to see the Northern Lights

Category: Best Of | Destinations | HotelsMegan Leader @ 06:51

Watching the Northern Lights is certainly a bucket-list-worthy experience. Who wouldn't want to see the sky glow, shift and dance, reflecting hues of green and purple onto the snow below?

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite places to travel for the Northern Lights. Pair these destinations with a great hotel, and you've got a getaway unlike any other. 

1. Alaska. For U.S. and Canadian citizens hoping to stay close to home, Alaska is a great place to travel for a Northern Lights adventure. If you're choosing a hotel, Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge is a basic but comfortable lakeside base in one of Alaska's best cities to see the aurora borealis.More...

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Jan 12 2015

travel42's trending destinations for 2015

Category: DestinationsKaren @ 04:14

During the weeks surrounding the New Year, the travel industry publishes countless and widely varying lists predicting the hottest destinations for the coming year. They're fascinating to read, although in reality only time can tell which predictions will actually come true. More...

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Nov 17 2014

3 spectacular cruise experiences

Category: Cruises | Destinationsadmin @ 11:09

I took my first cruise in the mid-1980s when the cruise industry as we now know it was in its infancy. The cruise took place just after Carnival became the first cruise line to advertise on TV. Who could forget Kathy Lee Johnson (now Gifford) telling us “Carnival’s Got the Fun!” That first cruise was not a great experience, however, and I didn’t cruise again for 15 or so years. More...

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Mar 27 2012

Destination wishlist: five fabulous destinations we'd like to visit

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 11:25

Birthdays are grand, and not just because they gently remind us of our fleeting mortality. They also provide us with a reason to indulge ourselves a bit more than usual! Well, today is my birthday, and I think I'll treat myself by putting together a wishlist of the top five destinations I'd like to visit! More...

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Oct 31 2011

Iceland gets personal

Category: DestinationsJanet @ 05:33

Tourism boards for every destination are always looking for new ways to lure visitors to come spend their vacation dollars with them. More...


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