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Feb 17 2017

Stunning natural sights on Hawaii's Big Island

Hawaii Island, the biggest island in the Hawaiian chain, is home to some of its most stunning scenery. Much less populated than Oahu, the Big Island has gorgeously preserved nature and a strong agricultural economy. Take a tour of a coffee plantation and enjoy relaxation in the resort areas of the island, but be sure not to miss these incredible natural sights.


                                         A green turtles basks on Punalu'u Beach; photo via Aloha Valley.

Punalu'u Beach is a beautiful black-sand beach, the color coming from the fact that the sand is made up of very finely ground lava rocks—lava flowed into the ocean and exploded upon contact with the cooling water. The beach is a regular nesting and sun-bathing area for green and hawksbill turtles, and sightings are nearly guaranteed year-round. In addition to being a lovely spot, the beach is fully outfitted for swimming—though the water can be cold—with lifeguards on duty. For a day at the beach that's a little something different, make the trek to the south side of the island to Punalu'u.


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Nov 14 2016

Malta's Mesmerizing Temples and Beaches

The nation of Malta is actually made up of several islands, and their history stretches far back to pre-Roman times—there are temples there that date from 3600 BC. The island of Gozo is home to some of the country's most exciting sights, from temples to the infamous Blue Grotto, along with some fantastic beaches. The Maltese coast can be quite rocky, but there are a few sandy stunners to be found on the biggest island, also called Malta.

                                   Mellieha Bay on the island of Malta. Photo via Destinations Point.


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Apr 13 2016

Bornholm Island: Your next Danish destination

Bornholm Island, off the eastern coast of Denmark, has long been a favorite vacation spot for Danes; tourism is an important part of the economy there, as are fishing, farming and arts and crafts such as glass work and pottery. The island's strategic position in the Baltic Sea means it has been inhabited for centuries, and is rich with history—there are 15 medieval churches on the island, for starters. And there's almost endless recreation, with a forest in the center of the island and plenty of beaches and cycling options. If you want to really get away (it's a one-hour ferry from Ystad, Denmark—a three hour drive from Copenhagen), this island has a wealth of things to see and do in a gorgeous and relaxed atmosphere; this blog is only an introduction to the many fascinating things the island has to offer.


                                   The coastline of Bornholm Island; photo via Wikimedia Commons


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May 16 2012

Hilton Head Island: Just right for a girls getaway or a family trip

Category: Destinations | Dining | Favorites | General | Recreation | ShoppingCindy @ 08:48

The ocean has captivated me for as long as I can remember, and I have many fond memories of vacationing at North Carolina beaches with my family as a child.

As an adult, I have spent more time at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. I’m fortunate to have close friends with a condo there, and they are generous in sharing it with my family and me. Hilton Head is an ideal vacation spot, whether it’s for a family trip or a girlfriend getaway. More...

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Mar 8 2012

Curacao: A not-so-typical Caribbean destination

I’ve never really given any thought to the Caribbean as a vacation option. For starters, I burn really easily, so I tend to stay away from destinations that will have me bathing in aloe gel by the end. For me, there is very little fun to be had in the sun. There’s mostly pain. So, imagine my surprise when I read about the small Caribbean island of Curacao and immediately wanted to book a plane ticket.


Snorkeling in Curacao. I wish this was a picture of me.

Curacao is a small island off the coast of Venezuela between Aruba and Bonaire. More...

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Feb 16 2012

White-sand beaches and wine tastings in Portugal

Category: Destinations | DiningMegan Leader @ 10:10

Here at travel42, we're dreaming of sunny skies and warm beaches. Can you tell? In the past few weeks, Christine posted about sunny Miami, Karen posted about exotic yet easy-to-access Puerto Rico, Cindy wrote about luxurious California hotels and Janet had a post called, "Florida, Florida, Florida." We're all just a tiny bit bitter about Punxsutawney Phil's prediction of six more weeks of winter manifested in the cold, gray drizzle steadily pouring over Winston-Salem as I type this post. More...

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Jan 25 2012

Escape the dreary winter weather with these cheery, decidedly un-gloomy destinations!

Category: Destinations | EventsMegan Leader @ 11:13

Here in the Winston-Salem office, we're all ready to shake off the dull gloominess of winter and take a road trip to a sunny beach somewhere. Yesterday, Christine blogged about Miami, a perfect destination for outdoor activities and fabulous nightlife. If you're ready for warm weather like we are, you're in luck, because we've got a few more perfect destinations where you can trade your coat and winter boots for a sundress (or comparable warm-weather menswear) and flip-flops.


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Dec 13 2011

Auckland: A perfect winter getaway

Auckland, New Zealand, literally has something for everyone. It has tons of recreational options, many excellent museums, a thriving nightlife and more dining options than I should be allowed to look at before lunchtime. More...

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