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Aug 9 2013

Wining and dining in Atlanta

Category: Destinations | Dining | NightlifeChristine @ 04:14

Atlanta is a dining destination like no other. Besides the abundance of delicious and authentic southern cooking, there are so many ethnicities represented as well as lots of old-meets-new southern-fusion options. And I’m lucky enough to live in this foodie paradise, where no two meals are ever the same. More...

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Apr 10 2012

In the heart of the South, Atlanta has something for everyone

Atlanta, Georgia, is nicknamed Hotlanta for a reason, and that’s not just because of the summer temperatures: There is so much to see and do, it’s a vacation hot spot for everyone from families and sports enthusiasts to history junkies and partygoers. More...

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Nov 8 2011

Atlanta Outdoors

Category: Destinations | SightseeingKaren @ 06:18

My best friend lives on the outskirts of Atlanta, so a couple of times a year I make the five-hour drive from my home in Greensboro, NC, to visit her. Atlanta is overwhelming to me – the town I grew up in was so small it didn’t have its own post office, and its central business district consisted of a mom-and-pop grocery store, one sit-down restaurant, a sandwich shop, a pizza and ice cream parlor, a gas station and one traffic light. That's it. (True story.) More...

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Nov 7 2011

A weekend in the Classic City

Category: Destinations | DiningChristine @ 08:34

Thinking of flying south for the winter? If you happen to find yourself in Georgia, consider making a detour to Athens. More...

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