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Oct 27 2016

Exploring Toronto's exciting museums

Toronto, Ontario, reflects its status as a booming metropolis in its museums—there's a lot of them, and they're all fantastic. Whether you're trying to escape the cold (or the heat, depending on the season!) or just want to soak up a little art, history and culture, these are some of our favorite museums in Toronto.


                The ultramodern facade of the Royal Ontario Museum; photo courtesy of The Canadian Encyclopedia.

Unmistakable by its wild facade, the Royal Ontario Museum is something of a grab-bag, with exhibits on everything from art to wildlife and dinosaurs. With such a wide array, there's truly something for everyone there, and it will especially please kids, without leaving adults bored. The exhibits on China and Egypt are particularly engrossing. That said, art connoisseurs will prefer the Art Gallery of Ontario.


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Sep 22 2016

The Goddess and the Baker: Fuel for your trip to Chicago's Art Institute

Category: Destinations | Dining | Favorites | GeneralChristine Norris @ 04:09

The Art Institute of Chicago is consistently ranked as one of the best museums in the world, and with a slew of the world's most famous pieces of art, visiting there is an overwhelming but incredible experience. As a resident of Chicago and a member of the Art Institute, I've been lucky to be able to get an insider's perspective, to learn where everything is in relation to everything else, and finally, to have the luxury of a quick trip of only an hour or two if I'm low on time or just want to check out that one new exhibit. Even though I visit with frequency, and though my visits are rarely exhausting, I still find myself at The Goddess and the Baker before or after every single trip to the museum.



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Apr 13 2016

Bornholm Island: Your next Danish destination

Bornholm Island, off the eastern coast of Denmark, has long been a favorite vacation spot for Danes; tourism is an important part of the economy there, as are fishing, farming and arts and crafts such as glass work and pottery. The island's strategic position in the Baltic Sea means it has been inhabited for centuries, and is rich with history—there are 15 medieval churches on the island, for starters. And there's almost endless recreation, with a forest in the center of the island and plenty of beaches and cycling options. If you want to really get away (it's a one-hour ferry from Ystad, Denmark—a three hour drive from Copenhagen), this island has a wealth of things to see and do in a gorgeous and relaxed atmosphere; this blog is only an introduction to the many fascinating things the island has to offer.


                                   The coastline of Bornholm Island; photo via Wikimedia Commons


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Feb 19 2016

The best places to cozy up in the Chicago winter

The Chicago winter can be brutal, but there are still plenty of fantastic things to see and do indoors, from viewing some of the world's best-known art to imbibing innovative and inventive cocktails! Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, find out how Chicagoans survive the cold by checking out some of these hot (seriously—actually warm) spots, guaranteed to warm your ears, your heart, and possibly your kidneys, too. In the third biggest city in the U.S., there are plenty of places to duck in and get out of the terrible weather, but these are a few of our favorites.

Scofflaw is a bustling bar in the trendier than ever Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago (where, despite the rapidly gentrifying environs, travelers can still find the hippest record stores and dive bars in the city). Its focus is on gin, and cocktails are recommended, but there are plenty of other drink options, and a food menu provides delicious plates large and small (the mac-and-cheese topped with harissa breadcrumbs was particularly tasty and comforting on a recent frigid Chicago evening). The setting in the large main room is cozy as can be, with a roaring fireplace, glittering chandeliers and comfy couch seating. Be sure to arrive early on in the evening on weekends if you want to avoid a line out the door.


The main room at Scofflaw is heated by a beautiful fireplace and an always packed environment. Photo courtesy of


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Mar 23 2015

Exploring the art scene in LA

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 07:27

Los Angeles is an inspiring city full of creatives, so it's no wonder that this metropolis is brimming with innovative art and design. When we revamped our travel42 Los Angeles guide a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but be drawn to these venues. If I were planning a trip to LA, these art museums and galleries would definitely be on my personal itinerary.



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