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Jun 30 2017

Historical Sites to Visit near Athens

Category: Destinations | General | Sightseeing | Historykmaxwell @ 09:12

There is much to explore in Athens—from museums to ancient architecture to the vibrant nightlife. But many of the region's most fascinating archaeological sites lie outside the city. If you're ready to dig deeper into Greek history, head to these remarkable spots. ("Yamas" [cheers] to adventure!)


Located southwest of Athens, in the northeastern Peloponnese (a peninsula in southern Greece), this archeological site was one of the major centers of Greek civilization during the late Bronze Age Era. In fact, the period of Greek history from about 1600-1100 BC is called "Mycenaean" in reference to this important citadel.

According to Greek myth, Mycenae was founded by the legendary hero Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae. It was also the home of Agamemnon, commander-in-chief of the Greeks at Troy. Be sure to check out the Lion Gate, which served as the main entrance to the citadel and is the only surviving monumental piece of Mycenaean sculpture.

The Lion Gate at Mycenae; via Wikimedia Commons


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Mar 9 2016

Historical and affordable: The paradores of Spain

Category: Favorites | General | HotelsChristine Norris @ 06:53

Spain boasts a large number of paradores: state-run hotels that are more often than not housed in buildings of historical and architectural significance. Before the word "state-run" has you heading for the comfort of the name brands, take a closer look at some of our favorite paradores—you'll find incredible locations, superb dining (with ample options for vegetarian and gluten-free travelers, not to mention the breakfast spread replete with chilled cava) and something just a little more authentic than a stay at the reliable but typical name brand offerings. While some paradores do have steep prices that are on par with bigger hotels, many are incredibly affordable.


                  The Parador de Ronda clings to its cliffside perch. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

To say the Parador de Ronda's setting is breathtaking doesn't quite capture how it really does take one's breath away: Dining alfresco means being right on the edge, looking down onto the gorge from 400 feet up; and most rooms have small balconies, which provide fantastic views, whether looking at the city or over the cliffside. Service and room standards here are especially good for a parador, and the restaurant serves hearty, authentic Spanish fare, but it's the location that makes this place a must-stay. This property is definitely going straight to the top of our "Dreamiest Hotels" list.


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Jan 19 2012

Five things to love about Vienna

Category: Destinations | RecreationMegan Leader @ 10:01

Vienna, Austria, is a gorgeous city full of history, culture and charm. Its architecture is stunning, its people friendly and its attractions varied. There are dozens of things to love about this fabulous city, and it was pretty difficult for me to narrow it down to five—so you might find a sequel to this post in the near future!


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Nov 10 2011

Imaginative Architecture in Barcelona

Category: Favorites | SightseeingMegan Leader @ 04:10

Barcelona is home to famed modernist architect Antoni Gaudi. A visionary artist years ahead of his time (he passed away in 1926), he designed three gorgeous Barcelona landmarks that cannot be missed: La Pedrera, Park Guell and his masterpiece-still-in-progress, La Sagrada Familia. More...

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