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Jun 12 2017

Portland's Finest Roasters

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In a city known for its specialty coffee, it can be hard to choose among the dozens of micro-roasteries and cafes that dot the downtown streets. But choose, you must. This coffee mecca takes its java-sipping seriously, and it’s one of the best ways to get a true taste of Portland. Skip the Starbucks for now (especially if your time in the Pacific Northwest includes a stop in Seattle, where you can visit the original Starbucks), and check out these local standouts instead:  

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Although this roaster and retailer has been recently acquired by powerhouse Peet's Coffee, it began as a grassroots operation that popularized a new type of cafe experience—one that elevated coffee from commodity to craft. There are now multiple locations throughout the city, as well as sites in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Head to the headquarters on Salmon Street for free public tastings, where you can sip samples and learn from one of their knowledgeable baristas.

Stumptown Coffee cafe in Portland, Oregon; photo via Wikimedia Commons


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Jun 5 2014

Sipping my way along the West Coast

Category: Karen @ 10:57

Saturday morning on the front porch with a steaming cup of black coffee. A cold IPA at a backyard summer barbecue. Girls' night and a nice bottle of cabernet. Coffee, beer, wine. Three of my favorite things (yes, in that order). Little moments can become perfect memories when you wrap your hands around the correspondingly appropriate beverage. More...

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Mar 5 2013

Spring is near: Time for planning a trip to Maine

Category: Cindy @ 06:11

I’ve always wanted to visit Maine, so I was happy last year when a couple of long-time friends moved to Portland and invited my husband and me to come see them. Then they started posting snowy pictures on Facebook and talked about how cold it was there. The photos were beautiful, but the Maine I’ve always had in mind involves the sea, sunny beaches, and temperatures warm enough to allow strolling along historic cobblestoned streets and enjoying the coastal air. More...

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Dec 1 2011

Portland, Oregon: It pretty much has it all

Portland, Oregon, is one of those rare places where a family of four can go on vacation and everyone is happy.

It has something for most everyone, including teenagers. More...

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