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Apr 6 2016

Five must-see temples in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan is a city of seemingly endless temples and shrines, and it is easy to begin to feel as though one has seen it all—there are so many that even several days in Kyoto wouldn't allow for visiting nearly all of them. A few temples stand out for their intricacies and idiosyncrasies, and we highly recommend checking them out.

1. Fushimi Inari. This temple is famous for its red torii gates—there are thousands of them crawling up the hillside to the temple, with more being added all the time: Wealthy businesspeople donate them for large sums of money as tribute to the shrine of the god of rice and money. The shrine itself, at the top of the mountain (a long hike, and not really a necessity), isn't much of an attraction; you come for the gates. It's a great place to visit at night as well.


          Just a small sampling of the thousands of gates at Fushimi Inari; photo via Wikimedia Commons


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Sep 15 2015

travel42 Best Of: Top 10 mountain lodges

Category: Best Of | Hotels | ListsMegan Leader @ 06:49

By this point in the year, we're all getting ready to say our goodbyes to summer and embrace the fall (and holiday?!) travel season. That means warm hearths, cozy beds, world-class comfort food, and bright foliage giving way to snow-capped peaks.

To celebrate the season and make the most of the chilly weather around the corner, we've rounded up our favorite hotels around the world that capitalize on their gorgeous mountain settings. Grab your camera and bundle up: Let's go exploring!

1. Four Seasons Resort Vail, Vail, Colorado. This Four Seasons is one of a growing number of FS properties with a low room count and large pool of amenities anchored to a More...

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Jul 27 2015

Tokyo: a Trip that Made a Difference to Camille Hoheb

Trips that Made a Difference is a series that features travel industry leaders and the trips that have changed their lives. Camille Hoheb is the Founder and Managing Director of Wellness Tourism Worldwide, a leader in education, development and promotion of wellness travel. She is also the editor of Wellness Travel Journal.


My life-changing travel experience occurred when I was a high school junior. It was my first time traveling by plane, first time being away from my family and, needless to say, it was my first time traveling internationally.  I was a summer exchange student to Japan.  This was 30 years ago, when overseas phone calls were reserved for emergencies most international communication was by snail mail on crinkly paper.  I was on my own, with a new family, in a new land with unfamiliar food, language and culture. It was quite a way to broaden my horizons and life perspective.

Inner garden at the Meiji Shrine, Tokyo

Every day was filled with More...

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Jul 23 2015

travel42 Best Of: Top 10 wellness retreats

Category: Best Of | HotelsMegan Leader @ 08:46

Wellness and travel are a wonderful match because they're both aspirational: When we envision our best selves, we see ourselves as healthy, fit, educated and well-traveled. In a way, wellness travel gives us more bang for our buck because we're enjoying meaningful life experiences, gaining fresh perspectives and nourishing our bodies along the way.

Wellness travel has been booming in the past few years, and this is a trend that's not going away anytime soon. As travelers become more and more conscious of their health and activity, it's becoming more common for them to seek out places of relaxed rejuvenation. A few years ago, a beach trip to Nicaragua without TV or Wi-Fi might have sounded too quiet—even boring, but today it's a perfect respite from the noise and constant activity, a chance to focus in on yourself and reset your habits. These 10 wellness resorts are wonderful places to get away, be still, and rejuvenate your body and mind.

1. Como Shambhala Estate, Ubud, Indonesia. I swoon every time I pull up photos of this hotel. If you're looking for a wellness getaway, you can't do much better than this beautiful Bali retreat. It has More...

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Apr 20 2015

travel42 Best Of: 6 Top Honeymoon Hotels

Category: Best Of | HotelsMegan Leader @ 10:53

Wedding season has officially begun, and that means love is in the air! And we mean that literally—spring newlyweds are jetsetting to all kinds of exciting new adventures to celebrate their nuptials. We love a beautifully planned honeymoon, which is why we've rounded up 6 of our favorite hotels for romantic getaways.

For a romantic Italian honeymoon, it doesn't get any better than More...

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Jun 6 2014

World Cup stars and their dreamy hometowns

If you're in the market for a summer boyfriend, you might as well find somebody who can take you on a nice end-of-summer trip. And if you don't mind competing with fashion models and pop divas for his attention, you could do worse than dating an international football star. True, he'd be fairly tied up starting June 12 with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, but come August he'll be in the mood to take you home to meet Mom. Or July, if his team doesn't survive the group matches; you could help him find the upside of defeat. More...

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