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Jun 30 2017

Historical Sites to Visit near Athens

Category: Destinations | General | Sightseeing | Historykmaxwell @ 09:12

There is much to explore in Athens—from museums to ancient architecture to the vibrant nightlife. But many of the region's most fascinating archaeological sites lie outside the city. If you're ready to dig deeper into Greek history, head to these remarkable spots. ("Yamas" [cheers] to adventure!)


Located southwest of Athens, in the northeastern Peloponnese (a peninsula in southern Greece), this archeological site was one of the major centers of Greek civilization during the late Bronze Age Era. In fact, the period of Greek history from about 1600-1100 BC is called "Mycenaean" in reference to this important citadel.

According to Greek myth, Mycenae was founded by the legendary hero Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae. It was also the home of Agamemnon, commander-in-chief of the Greeks at Troy. Be sure to check out the Lion Gate, which served as the main entrance to the citadel and is the only surviving monumental piece of Mycenaean sculpture.

The Lion Gate at Mycenae; via Wikimedia Commons


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Mar 9 2015

Greek hotels with spectacular views

Category: HotelsMegan Leader @ 11:12

When travelers dream about visiting the Cyclades Islands in Greece, they probably have an exact picture that comes to mind: enjoying a cocktail (or ouzo) at sunset on your hotel balcony while gazing dreamily at a picturesque panorama of the serene sea and the whitewashed buildings that dot the coastline.

The good news is that this dream can be easily made a reality in Mykonos, Crete and Santorini. Hotels on these islands not only afford luxurious amenities, but also the stunning views your clients have always dreamed of. If it's that picturesque, hilltop sea view you're pining for, here are some of our top picks for living the dream in the Cyclades.


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Apr 4 2013

Leading hotels to add to your bucket list

Category: Hotels | ListsMegan Leader @ 06:02

If you've read the travel42 blog for any amount of time, you know that Christine, Cindy, Karen and I are constantly adding new destinations and hotels to our bucket lists. When you read hotel reviews and destination guides all day, every now and then you'll stumble upon a place that you know you have to try to see for yourself. (As travel agents, I'm sure you know this better than anyone!) Even if the prices are astronomical, we can dream, right?

Here are five exquisite properties that I've recently stumbled upon thanks to travel42 that have made their way to my bucket list, and I thought I'd share them with you today. More...

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Mar 27 2012

Destination wishlist: five fabulous destinations we'd like to visit

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 11:25

Birthdays are grand, and not just because they gently remind us of our fleeting mortality. They also provide us with a reason to indulge ourselves a bit more than usual! Well, today is my birthday, and I think I'll treat myself by putting together a wishlist of the top five destinations I'd like to visit! More...

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Jan 4 2012

Santorini, Greece: A Dream Itinerary

Category: Destinations | ItinerariesMegan Leader @ 09:49

I've been incredibly lucky to travel to a few of my dream destinations, but Santorini, Greece, is one I have yet to see for myself. Every photo of the island I find is captivating: geometric white villages dotted with blue domes, all situated on cliffs by the sea. As I worked on editing the Santorini destination guide for travel42, it took all the self-restraint I could muster to not call my travel agent and book tickets to Greece. Instead, I compiled a day's itinerary for my dream vacation to Santorini.


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