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Mar 1 2016

Breisach: The most charming little stop along the Rhine

Breisach, Germany is a lovely little town that, in addition to sitting right on the Rhine River, is also only miles from the French border (twelve miles, precisely, to the equally charming town of Colmar, France). Although the majority of the town was destroyed in the World War II, it still has a variety of sights and experiences that make it a must-stop along the Rhine. The history of the town dates from medieval times (it was once the seat of a Celtic prince), and the cathedral, St. Stephansmunster, began construction in the 13th century—it is the most striking sight in Breisach, sitting atop a high hill in the center of the town. 


                                                     Photo via Jorgens Mi, Wikimedia Commons

River cruises often stop in Breisach, as it's perfectly situated as a starting point for excursions to nearby wine towns (including those in France) and the Black Forest. For a laidback yet charming day (or even half-day), skip the organized tour and take the day to explore Breisach. Set your sights on the cathedral and climb up, up, up the cobblestoned streets—as you walk, you'll pass colorful houses, shops and restaurants, so take your time and be sure to stop in at a cafe somewhere for good, typical German fare: lots and lots of spaetzle, and also some fantastic pastries, such as Black Forest cake and walnut torte.


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Apr 30 2013

Why a local tour could be the best part of your next trip

Category: Destinations | Recreation | SightseeingMegan Leader @ 11:33

Our destination guides are packed with helpful information for travelers to create thousands of potential itineraries, but one of the most valuable sections of our destination guides can be the "local tours." As you know, travel42 correspondents update our destination guides with trusted, tried-and-true information, but this is especially helpful when it comes to a local tour. (Raise your hand if you've ever been subject to an incredibly boring tour, or one with a less-than-knowledgeable guide! ...My hand's up.)

Some travelers prefer to skip out on classes or tours to see the local sights themselves. I think it depends on your travel style, but for most people, including a locally hosted tour or class into your itinerary can be the best part of your trip. Here are a few examples of local tours I've taken that made all the difference in my vacations. More...

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Nov 9 2012

Three European cities to visit during the holidays

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 10:32

I'm not sure where this year went, but the holidays are swiftly approaching, and for many families, that means it's time for a vacation! If you have Europe on your must-visit list, I have three beautiful destinations in mind that are just perfect to visit during the holidays.


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May 2 2012

Five things you must do in Munich, Germany

Category: Megan Leader @ 06:04

When I started my study-abroad term in college, Munich wasn't a must-see city for me. It wasn't even on my radar, really, but in the planning process, my friend Laura and I did a little research and decided that it would be a nice place to visit. So, one weekend in November, we boarded an overnight train and made our way to Germany. More...

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Dec 21 2011

Five wheelchair-friendly destinations that any traveler would love

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 07:19

When planning a vacation, it can be very difficult to find a city that accommodates individuals with disabilities. So many cities, particularly in Europe, South America and Asia, have cobblestoned streets and limited services for people in wheelchairs. More...

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