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Feb 27 2017

Escaping the all-inclusive: Delicious dining elsewhere in Punta Cana

If you get tired of the all-inclusive menu at your resort while in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, there are plenty of options to shake things up, from traditional Dominican fare to stunning restaurants right on the beach; these are a few if our favorites.

                              Image result for jellyfish punta cana

                                       Jellyfish's deck faces the ocean; photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Sitting right on the edge of the waves of Bavaro Beach, Jellyfish serves exquisite, freshly caught seafood. It's truly an experience just for the views, and the food matches in excellence. For a perfectly charming lunch or dinner spot outside of the resort complex, this place can't be beat.


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Jun 2 2016

Delicious, delightful dining in Rio de Janeiro

Category: Destinations | Dining | FavoritesChristine Norris @ 07:56

Brazil's most colorful city, Rio de Janeiro, might be host to this summer's Olympic Games, but it's also a cultural behemoth with a wide array of dining options to satisfy any palate. The traditional Brazilian food that you can find there is to die for, but as a global hub, there are also many international options to choose from; in short, eating in Rio is a treat that will please all palates. These are just a few of our favorite places in the city to nosh, but variety and quality abound all over Rio.

Casa de Feijoada serves Brazil's traditional black-bean stew; the meal is typically eaten on Saturday, but at this restaurant, you can get it any day of the week. The dish consists of black beans cooked with a variety of meat products, including pork, beef, bacon and sausage; pork "trimmings" (feet, ears, tails—you know, the fun stuff) are typical, too. For those a little worried about what parts of what animals they're putting in their mouths, the Casa de Feijoada accommodates you by allowing you to choose the cuts of meat that go into your stew (this is not a usual practice in Rio; everywhere else, be prepared to eat what's in front of you and try not to think about what might be in it). Portions are huge, making this place not only a cultural stop, but a great deal, too.


                    A typical serving of the namesake dish at Casa de Feijoada. Photo via Cruzando Mundo.


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