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Jul 23 2015

travel42 Best Of: Top 10 wellness retreats

Category: Best Of | HotelsMegan Leader @ 08:46

Wellness and travel are a wonderful match because they're both aspirational: When we envision our best selves, we see ourselves as healthy, fit, educated and well-traveled. In a way, wellness travel gives us more bang for our buck because we're enjoying meaningful life experiences, gaining fresh perspectives and nourishing our bodies along the way.

Wellness travel has been booming in the past few years, and this is a trend that's not going away anytime soon. As travelers become more and more conscious of their health and activity, it's becoming more common for them to seek out places of relaxed rejuvenation. A few years ago, a beach trip to Nicaragua without TV or Wi-Fi might have sounded too quiet—even boring, but today it's a perfect respite from the noise and constant activity, a chance to focus in on yourself and reset your habits. These 10 wellness resorts are wonderful places to get away, be still, and rejuvenate your body and mind.

1. Como Shambhala Estate, Ubud, Indonesia. I swoon every time I pull up photos of this hotel. If you're looking for a wellness getaway, you can't do much better than this beautiful Bali retreat. It has More...

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Jan 23 2013

Our favorite restaurants in Miami

Category: DiningMegan Leader @ 03:51

It seems that most of the U.S. is experiencing chilly weather this week, and I know I'm not the only one pining for sunshine and sandy beaches. Miami fits the bill for anyone seeking a warm-weather getaway, and one of the draws of Miami is that you're not limited to standard beach fare. Miami is a city of culinary innovation, and with the South Beach Wine and Food Festival approaching in late February, visitors this time of year have more dining options than ever.  More...

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Jun 25 2012

Sloshing through the Sunshine State

My sister, who lives in Dunedin, Florida, near Tampa, is feeling a bit waterlogged after being drenched by tropical storm Debby for the past couple of days. I wrote about my family’s experiences in the “Sunshine State” back in 2003. She remembered that and asked me to repost it. So if you find yourself in Florida when the sun isn’t shining, here are a few ideas: More...

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Apr 24 2012

Our favorite Disney World resorts

Category: Destinations | Favorites | HotelsMegan Leader @ 09:15

It's late spring, and children all over the country are counting down the days until summer break. It's not far away, and for many families, summer means days at the pool, baseball games, picnics and maybe even a family vacation to Disney World! More...

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Jan 31 2012

Florida, Florida, Florida: More than just for election scandals and theme parks

Category: Destinations | ItinerariesJanet @ 05:52

Today, we continue our tour of travel through America as presidential primaries roll through the country. People who know me will assume that in my post about Tuesday’s primary election in Florida that today’s topic will center around one of my favorite destinations in the middle of the state or the views from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale or the Port of Miami. Instead, there are quiet places in the state that bring visitors quiet experiences. More...

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