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Apr 13 2016

Bornholm Island: Your next Danish destination

Bornholm Island, off the eastern coast of Denmark, has long been a favorite vacation spot for Danes; tourism is an important part of the economy there, as are fishing, farming and arts and crafts such as glass work and pottery. The island's strategic position in the Baltic Sea means it has been inhabited for centuries, and is rich with history—there are 15 medieval churches on the island, for starters. And there's almost endless recreation, with a forest in the center of the island and plenty of beaches and cycling options. If you want to really get away (it's a one-hour ferry from Ystad, Denmark—a three hour drive from Copenhagen), this island has a wealth of things to see and do in a gorgeous and relaxed atmosphere; this blog is only an introduction to the many fascinating things the island has to offer.


                                   The coastline of Bornholm Island; photo via Wikimedia Commons


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Apr 1 2016

Exploring the world's oldest amusement parks in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark is home to the world's two oldest operating amusement parks: Dyrehavsbakken (more often simply referred to as Bakken) opened in 1583, while Tivoli Gardens dates from 1843. While the phrase "amusement park" might bring to mind huge crowds, screaming children, greasy, overpriced food and a general sense of exhaustion, these Danish parks provide a stark contrast (though they're certain to be crowded at peak times, too): They're overwhelmingly green, and provide plenty of places for quiet retreat; the dining is excellent, even, in some cases, Michelin-starred; and there are still plenty of rides to please thrill-seekers. As spring unfolds and the parks reopen for the season, take the time to explore the history of fun in Copenhagen.


                                     The Tivoli Gardens illuminated at night. Photo via AMB Wallpaper.

The Tivoli Gardens is one of the most famous theme parks in the world, and is said to have been a major inspiration behind Walt Disney's Disney World (the Chicago World's Fair's White City, which Disney's father helped to construct, is another touchstone). Expect it to be packed, but it's worth the visit; there, you can see the renowned and breathtaking gardens, ride one of the world's oldest operating roller coasters (it's been running since 1914), and see one of the best performances of Commedia dell'Arte outside of Italy (this classic pantomime show doesn't use language of any sort, so it's accessible to anyone!). The dining options within Tivoli Gardens are truly outstanding: You can find high-end cuisine, from Japanese to American to traditional Danish, as well as the more typical amusement park fare. We especially recommend Nimb Terrace, a fine-dining establishment with excellent views and a friendly atmosphere; its French take on Scandinavian cuisine is to die for.


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Jan 22 2016

The 10 best places to see the Northern Lights

Category: Best Of | Destinations | HotelsMegan Leader @ 06:51

Watching the Northern Lights is certainly a bucket-list-worthy experience. Who wouldn't want to see the sky glow, shift and dance, reflecting hues of green and purple onto the snow below?

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite places to travel for the Northern Lights. Pair these destinations with a great hotel, and you've got a getaway unlike any other. 

1. Alaska. For U.S. and Canadian citizens hoping to stay close to home, Alaska is a great place to travel for a Northern Lights adventure. If you're choosing a hotel, Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge is a basic but comfortable lakeside base in one of Alaska's best cities to see the aurora borealis.More...

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Dec 21 2011

Five wheelchair-friendly destinations that any traveler would love

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 07:19

When planning a vacation, it can be very difficult to find a city that accommodates individuals with disabilities. So many cities, particularly in Europe, South America and Asia, have cobblestoned streets and limited services for people in wheelchairs. More...

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