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Sep 15 2015

travel42 Best Of: Top 10 mountain lodges

Category: Best Of | Hotels | ListsMegan Leader @ 06:49

By this point in the year, we're all getting ready to say our goodbyes to summer and embrace the fall (and holiday?!) travel season. That means warm hearths, cozy beds, world-class comfort food, and bright foliage giving way to snow-capped peaks.

To celebrate the season and make the most of the chilly weather around the corner, we've rounded up our favorite hotels around the world that capitalize on their gorgeous mountain settings. Grab your camera and bundle up: Let's go exploring!

1. Four Seasons Resort Vail, Vail, Colorado. This Four Seasons is one of a growing number of FS properties with a low room count and large pool of amenities anchored to a More...

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Dec 5 2014

Santiago's stellar local wineries

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 11:05

Santiago is a sophisticated, cosmopolitan city with a wide selection of innovative international restaurants and avant-garde hotels. And what would a refined South American metropolis be without world-class wine? Thankfully, the Maipo Valley wine region is located due south of Santiago, and a tour of its wineries is a must for any visitor to Chile's capital.



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Jun 6 2014

World Cup stars and their dreamy hometowns

If you're in the market for a summer boyfriend, you might as well find somebody who can take you on a nice end-of-summer trip. And if you don't mind competing with fashion models and pop divas for his attention, you could do worse than dating an international football star. True, he'd be fairly tied up starting June 12 with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, but come August he'll be in the mood to take you home to meet Mom. Or July, if his team doesn't survive the group matches; you could help him find the upside of defeat. More...

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Dec 7 2011

Eat your way through Santa Fe

Category: Destinations | DiningChristine @ 04:44

If you’re like me, then half the allure of travel for you is the food. I love sampling new regional flavors, and I love it even more when I’m in an area that specializes in the flavors I enjoy most. One of my taste buds’ favorite destinations is Santa Fe, New Mexico. More...

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