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Nov 17 2014

3 spectacular cruise experiences

Category: Cruises | Destinationsadmin @ 11:09

I took my first cruise in the mid-1980s when the cruise industry as we now know it was in its infancy. The cruise took place just after Carnival became the first cruise line to advertise on TV. Who could forget Kathy Lee Johnson (now Gifford) telling us “Carnival’s Got the Fun!” That first cruise was not a great experience, however, and I didn’t cruise again for 15 or so years. More...

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Mar 28 2014

Planning the perfect Trinidad and Tobago vacation

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 10:06

You know those calypso drums that accompany your daydreams about lazing on a Caribbean beach in the sun? You can thank Trinidad for that soundtrack: Steel drums were created out of oil drums in Port of Spain in the 1930s. And that kind of picturesque scenery you dream of--the azure waters and white-sand beaches--are par for the course in Tobago, one of the Caribbean's most pristine islands.

Trinidad and Tobago make a great pair. Trinidad is high-energy, eccentric and culturally diverse; Tobago is serene, and its quiet beaches are the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So what's the best way to plan a trip that highlights the best of what each island has to offer?


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Jan 29 2013

Carnival, a Global Celebration

Category: Destinations | Events | SightseeingLeeAnn @ 06:15

The 2013 Carnival season will soon be under way. This festive period occurring immediately before Lent is a global celebration, observed on five different continents and many islands.More...

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Nov 30 2011

The terry cloth jungle

Category: Janet @ 06:06

I was a very lucky kid. My parents took me on some wonderful vacations and I got to experience many wonderful destinations and experiences. Some of them included cruises. On board a ship, there are some things that just don’t exist in many other places. It is a cashless society (everything goes on your room card.) You can get room service delivered any time. For free. They turn down your bed and night and leave chocolate. More...

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