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Feb 6 2014

Montserrat: A taste of the Caribbean the way it used to be

Category: Destinations | On The Scene | RecreationCindy @ 04:40

Last year as he was huffing and puffing his way up the Inca Trail on our way to Machu Picchu, my husband declared: “On our next vacation, I’m going to lie in a hammock and watch everyone else do things.” More...

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May 24 2012

Stunning hotels in luxurious St. Lucia

Category: Megan Leader @ 10:08

The landscape of the Caribbean island of St. Lucia is covered in vibrant greenery—35% of this country is pristine rain forest, and it hosts an array of rare plant and animal life. The island is dotted with gorgeous mountains, black- and white-sand beaches and a volcano, not to mention the luxurious accommodations that have cropped up on different parts of the island, each showcasing stellar views and numerous activities, both on land and at sea.



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Apr 16 2012

Barbados: a European-style vacation in the Caribbean

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 07:34

If you've ever thought that all Caribbean islands are alike, think again—at least when it comes to Barbados. More...

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Mar 8 2012

Curacao: A not-so-typical Caribbean destination

I’ve never really given any thought to the Caribbean as a vacation option. For starters, I burn really easily, so I tend to stay away from destinations that will have me bathing in aloe gel by the end. For me, there is very little fun to be had in the sun. There’s mostly pain. So, imagine my surprise when I read about the small Caribbean island of Curacao and immediately wanted to book a plane ticket.


Snorkeling in Curacao. I wish this was a picture of me.

Curacao is a small island off the coast of Venezuela between Aruba and Bonaire. More...

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Feb 14 2012

A Caribbean Vacation Without a Passport

Category: DestinationsKaren @ 05:59

It's February. It's cold. And nothing sounds more appealing right now than a spontaneous trip to somewhere, well, NOT cold. Warm sun. Sand. Surf. Florida? California? Both nice, but hardly exotic getaways. More...

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Jan 12 2012

Oscar de la Renta and the DR: A winning combination

Category: Destinations | Favorites | General | Hotels | On The SceneCindy @ 05:44

When I met Oscar de la Renta at the High Point, North Carolina, Furniture Market back in 2002, I had no idea I’d soon be entering the travel industry and would be looking at his resorts in the Dominican Republic from a totally new perspective. More...

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