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Feb 2 2015

10 things families will love about Club Med Cancun

Category: Destinations | Hotels | ListsMegan Leader @ 07:48

I had the privilege of visiting Club Med Cancun in September to attend the unveiling of its new building of Aguamarina family suites. This was my first-ever Club Med experience, and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. When it comes to brand identity, Club Med has evolved immensely in the past few decades. These days, its focus is on family travel (often multigenerational) and infusing its properties with the effervescent joy, vibrancy and activity that Club Med is famous for today. 

Long story short, I had a blast at Club Med Cancun, and I got to see many families taking advantage of the resort's offerings to enjoy a delightful, fun-filled vacation together. Here are just a few of the things families have to look forward to at this resort. More...

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Nov 3 2014

Playa del Carmen is calling me with these 4 luxurious resorts

Category: Hotels | ListsCindy @ 10:08

We’ve been updating travel42’s hotel reviews for Mexico, which has me dreaming of a visit to our southern neighbor. Nearly 30 years ago, I honeymooned in Cancun, long before it was spring-break central. It was an idyllic spot in the mid-1980s and offered everything we wanted for our honeymoon: a quiet, beautiful beach, romantic dining spots, delicious seafood and Yucatan specialties, interesting shopping and intriguing Mayan ruins. More...

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Oct 24 2014

Climbing the Ixmoja pyramid in Coba, Mexico

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 05:24

I think it's important to stay young at heart, and a crucial part of that is climbing things.

When I was a kid, I loved to climb trees and jungle gyms, but I've grown to tackle bigger and better things: Mountains, staircases to the top of who knows how many cathedral domes, and now, a pyramid. There's nothing like conquering a difficult task and being rewarded with an incredible bird's-eye view. 

Climbing the Ixmoja pyramid at Coba was an extraordinary experience. I toured the region with Alltournative, a great tour operator based in the Riviera Maya. We started the day with an array of outdoor activities in the jungle, then continued on to this archaeological site. More...

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Oct 3 2014

Exploring the Mayan jungle with Alltournative

Category: Destinations | FavoritesMegan Leader @ 08:52

"Leave your cameras in the car. If you take them with you, they will get ruined."

These are the most tragic words for a travel editor to hear. I debated going rogue and carrying my camera into the jungle with me, but ultimately decided against it. I would soon be VERY glad I followed my tour guide's advice. If I learned one thing on this trip, it's that you should always listen to Captain Snake. 

Our tour guide was named Quetzalcoatl (also the name of a Mesoamerican deity that takes the form of a feathered snake). Quetzalcoatl is perhaps not the easiest name for foreigners to pronounce while dangling from a rope or trudging through the jungle, so Captain Snake was a memorable alternative. Captain Snake is a spunky guy with a sense of humor that keeps you chuckling at the most unexpected moments (like when you're dangling from a rope or trudging through the aforementioned jungle in a torrential downpour). You could tell that this was not Captain Snake's first rodeo: He knew the area incredibly well and balanced his humor with reverence for nature and for the locals who helped us throughout the day. As a result, each member of our group seemed to hang on his every word (and laugh at his every joke) for the entire day. He's the kind of tour guide who imparts his own confidence to others: If you're afraid of heights and about to take your first leap on a zipline, Captain Snake will have you jumping off that platform with a smile on your face.


What I loved about this day trip was how many verbs I have to use to explain everything I got to do: I canoed, ziplined, hiked, rapelled, swam, climbed, scrambled, shopped, ate and, after all that activity, dozed during the ride back to the hotel. More...

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