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Oct 27 2016

Exploring Toronto's exciting museums

Toronto, Ontario, reflects its status as a booming metropolis in its museums—there's a lot of them, and they're all fantastic. Whether you're trying to escape the cold (or the heat, depending on the season!) or just want to soak up a little art, history and culture, these are some of our favorite museums in Toronto.


                The ultramodern facade of the Royal Ontario Museum; photo courtesy of The Canadian Encyclopedia.

Unmistakable by its wild facade, the Royal Ontario Museum is something of a grab-bag, with exhibits on everything from art to wildlife and dinosaurs. With such a wide array, there's truly something for everyone there, and it will especially please kids, without leaving adults bored. The exhibits on China and Egypt are particularly engrossing. That said, art connoisseurs will prefer the Art Gallery of Ontario.


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Jan 22 2016

The 10 best places to see the Northern Lights

Category: Best Of | Destinations | HotelsMegan Leader @ 06:51

Watching the Northern Lights is certainly a bucket-list-worthy experience. Who wouldn't want to see the sky glow, shift and dance, reflecting hues of green and purple onto the snow below?

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite places to travel for the Northern Lights. Pair these destinations with a great hotel, and you've got a getaway unlike any other. 

1. Alaska. For U.S. and Canadian citizens hoping to stay close to home, Alaska is a great place to travel for a Northern Lights adventure. If you're choosing a hotel, Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge is a basic but comfortable lakeside base in one of Alaska's best cities to see the aurora borealis.More...

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Aug 5 2014

5 hotels for art lovers

Category: Megan Leader @ 05:56

It's one thing to get your art fix at a museum during your travels, but it's an entirely different thing to wake up each morning surrounded by inspiring works of art.  These five hotels make this possible with impeccably designed interiors that will make you question whether you even need to leave your hotel room at all!


Hotel Le Bellechasse, Paris. I first came across this hotel about two years ago on travel42, and its eccentric beauty has haunted me ever since. Rooms are decorated floor-to-ceiling with larger-than-life art (even the ceilings are covered in elaborate designs)! Motifs evoke nature and include butterflies, the moon and stars, and underwater scenes. While I tend to enjoy the eccentric, travel42's hotel correspondent included a disclaimer about the rooms here: "Like prescription bottles with those familiar labels, these rooms should carry a warning that they should not be mixed with alcohol or drugs of any kind. (Rest assured that there is a 24-hour pharmacy adjacent to the hotel.)"  More...

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Jul 26 2013

A royal experience at Ottawa's Fairmont Chateau Laurier

Category: HotelsMegan Leader @ 06:27

Ottawa's grande dame, and an iconic fixture in this city's skyline, is the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. It regularly hosts diplomats, politicians and even royalty. (Fun fact: Its opulent architecture and location just across the canal from Parliament Hill means that visitors occasionally mistake it for Parliament!)

For a property with such elegance and history, I wasn't surprised when I encountered a professional staff and great amenities. But what made my stay unforgettable was in the details: Technological innovation, a warm and friendly welcome with lots of laughter, exceptional meals with the freshest ingredients, and true Canadian touches that made me feel right at home in this country's beautiful capital. More...

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Jul 17 2013

Ottawa's ByWard Market enchants visitors

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 04:52

As Canada's capital, Ottawa is known for its governmental presence, grand architecture and respected traditions. When travelers visit Ottawa, they often flock to the Parliament buildings and historical memorials to get a sense of Ottawa's history and global influence. These sites are extremely important to understanding the role Ottawa plays in world politics, but I think a visit to Ottawa should begin in one of its most vibrant neighborhoods, ByWard Market.

ByWard Market is a visual and culinary feast. Vibrant fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs illuminate market stalls. Local chefs create magic from the farm-fresh ingredients on offer. Crafters sell their beautiful wares to locals and visitors alike. The air is crisp with the newness of life and ideas, and ingredients come to life as local bakers and cooks artfully create new dishes.


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Jul 8 2013

Highlights from TBEX 2013

Category: Destinations | EventsMegan Leader @ 06:02

This year, I represented travel42 at TBEX, the world's largest gathering of travel bloggers. At this conference, keynote speakers are major players in the travel industry, and breakout sessions cover a variety of topics relevant to travel professionals. I gained an incredible amount of information and met dozens of new friends and potential travel42 collaborators at TBEX in Toronto. If you've ever thought about attending TBEX for yourself, I highly recommend it. Here's why. 


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Jun 17 2013

Channeling my inner Julia Child at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

Category: Destinations | FavoritesMegan Leader @ 09:23

My culinary skills (or lack thereof) are a running joke in my family. I admit that I can be a bit of a klutz in the kitchen, but I am slowly but surely channeling my inner Julia Child these days. So when I learned that Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa would be hosting me for a cooking demo during my trip to Ottawa, I was thrilled. I snapped pictures and scribbled notes enthusiastically, and the morning flew by. I'm excited to share my experience with you on the blog today. 


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May 31 2012

Cool vacations to escape the summer heat

Category: Megan Leader @ 09:43

It seems that everyone loves and welcomes the transitional seasons of spring and fall, but in the more extreme seasons (summer and winter), people become very passionate about their opinions. I'm a big fan of summer. I like going to the beach and relaxing in the sun; but I despise cold, wet, gloomy winters with every fiber of my being—it gives me the shivers just thinking about it! I'm sure plenty of you are of the opposite frame of mind—you enjoy the brisk chill of winter and can't stand this blistering heat of summer that now seems to be upon us. If you're of the latter opinion, you're in luck, because I've rounded up a few spots that are balmy, breezy and might even require you to pack a jacket. More...

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Mar 27 2012

Destination wishlist: five fabulous destinations we'd like to visit

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 11:25

Birthdays are grand, and not just because they gently remind us of our fleeting mortality. They also provide us with a reason to indulge ourselves a bit more than usual! Well, today is my birthday, and I think I'll treat myself by putting together a wishlist of the top five destinations I'd like to visit! More...

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