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Nov 30 2016

Top 5 Hikes in Phoenix, AZ

Category: Best Of | Destinations | Recreationtravel42 @ 11:33

Phoenix is one of the very best cities in the country for hiking with tons of trails that are easily accessible from the metropolitan area. Grab your hiking shoes, friends, lots of water, and head out on one of these awesome hikes.

1. Camelback Mountain

Whether you've only visited Phoenix or you're a long-time local, you must've seen Camelback Mountain - it's pretty hard to miss. It's a challenging hike that will get your heart pumping for sure, but the views from the top are more than worth it.

Photo Credit: Dru Bloomfield

2. Tom’s Thumb

Tom’s Thumb is a super fun, popular hike in the Scottsdale McDowell Mountain Sonoran Preserve. The infamous “thumb” can be seen from most places in the valley – a white burst of rock jutting skyward out of the desert ridgeline.

Photo Credit: Al Hikes AZ

3. Pinnacle Peak

This serene slice of Sonoran Desert is home to a wide range of wildlife including bobcats, Gila monsters, desert tortoises, antelope ground squirrels, cactus wrens, and rattlesnakes.

Photo Credit: Pinnacle Peak Locals

4. Piestewa Peak

Piestewa Peak, formerly known as Squaw Peak and conveniently located in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area, is a relatively short hike that yields impressive views of the city and is a perfect spot to watch the sunset. Piestewa Peak is a popular spot for locals who do not want to drive or hike for hours to fit in a good workout, so be prepared to encounter some crowds if you visit on a weekend.

Photo Credit:Eric Vondy

5. Hike Siphon Draw to Flatiron Summit

Whether you turn around at the rock basin, make it to the Flatiron Summit, or venture all the way to the top of Superstition Peak, you will not be disappointed by the ever changing rock formations, beautiful views, and rigorous workout!

Photo Credit:David Porter

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Jul 23 2015

travel42 Best Of: Top 10 wellness retreats

Category: Best Of | HotelsMegan Leader @ 08:46

Wellness and travel are a wonderful match because they're both aspirational: When we envision our best selves, we see ourselves as healthy, fit, educated and well-traveled. In a way, wellness travel gives us more bang for our buck because we're enjoying meaningful life experiences, gaining fresh perspectives and nourishing our bodies along the way.

Wellness travel has been booming in the past few years, and this is a trend that's not going away anytime soon. As travelers become more and more conscious of their health and activity, it's becoming more common for them to seek out places of relaxed rejuvenation. A few years ago, a beach trip to Nicaragua without TV or Wi-Fi might have sounded too quiet—even boring, but today it's a perfect respite from the noise and constant activity, a chance to focus in on yourself and reset your habits. These 10 wellness resorts are wonderful places to get away, be still, and rejuvenate your body and mind.

1. Como Shambhala Estate, Ubud, Indonesia. I swoon every time I pull up photos of this hotel. If you're looking for a wellness getaway, you can't do much better than this beautiful Bali retreat. It has More...

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Feb 9 2015

Arizona's top wellness getaways

Category: DestinationsMegan Leader @ 07:31

Arizona's weather is alluring year-round, but in winter, its clear blue skies and red-rock deserts are nothing short of irresistible for those of us who live in chillier climates.

Arizona has always been famous for those seeking a golf getaway or a spiritual retreat, but in recent years, tourism in Arizona has been booming, especially as wellness travel has increased.

Here are some of our top recommendations for travelers to Arizona who want a grounding, peaceful getaway.


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Feb 29 2012

In primary battle for vacation votes, Grand Canyon gets mine

Category: Destinations | Recreation | SightseeingJanet @ 14:34

In Tuesday’s primary elections held in Michigan and Arizona, Mitt Romney held off competitor Rick Santorum. And when it comes to writing about an attraction in one of those two states, in my mind, there’s only one clear winner: The Grand Canyon in Arizona. (Sorry, Michigan. Your lakes, lighthouse and forests are lovely, but you knew you were never going to beat the Grand Canyon, right?)


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