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Nov 9 2011

Tips for Avoiding Crime in Cape Town

Category: Destinations | General | On The SceneCindy @ 04:57

Cape Town, South Africa, is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and a delightful place to visit, but unfortunately visitors need to be on their guard to avoid being a victim of crime. More...

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Nov 8 2011

Atlanta Outdoors

Category: Destinations | SightseeingKaren @ 06:18

My best friend lives on the outskirts of Atlanta, so a couple of times a year I make the five-hour drive from my home in Greensboro, NC, to visit her. Atlanta is overwhelming to me – the town I grew up in was so small it didn’t have its own post office, and its central business district consisted of a mom-and-pop grocery store, one sit-down restaurant, a sandwich shop, a pizza and ice cream parlor, a gas station and one traffic light. That's it. (True story.) More...

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Nov 7 2011

A weekend in the Classic City

Category: Destinations | DiningChristine @ 08:34

Thinking of flying south for the winter? If you happen to find yourself in Georgia, consider making a detour to Athens. More...

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Nov 4 2011

Appreciating Washington, D.C.'s "underground" attractions

Category: Destinations | Hotels | SightseeingJanet @ 08:35

One thing I love about Washington, D.C. is how connected everything is. That is largely thanks to the wonderful public transportation system, anchored by the Metro subways, trains and buses. If I lived there, you couldn’t pay me enough to sit in the car traffic on the "second" floor, so the underground Metro is a real bonus. More...

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Nov 3 2011

Stockholm's Absolut Icebar

Category: NightlifeMegan Leader @ 05:44

Stockholm is one of my favorite cities in the world. Its beautiful, old-world charm combined with progressive ideas, innovative design and genuinely kind people make you debate whether you really need to go back home, after all.  More...

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Nov 2 2011

A 16-hour flight: Not as bad as it sounds

Category: Destinations | General | On The SceneCindy @ 05:00

When I told friends and family that my flight to Cape Town, South Africa, included a 15- to 16-hour nonstop leg from New York to Johannesburg, many gasped in horror, saying they could never be on a plane that long.


But it really wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was less painful than some of the shorter flights I have taken. More...

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Nov 1 2011

A Guinness Tour of Dublin

Category: Destinations | Nightlife | SightseeingKaren @ 09:45

Quick, what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Dublin? Nope, not a trick question: I'm willing to bet your answer is beer. Guinness Draught, to be exact.

Home of the Guinness Brewery, which was established in 1759 with the signing of a 9,000-year lease on a property at St. James's Gate, Dublin is proud of its inextricable connection to that smooth, creamy, almost-black brew that many people liken to the nectar of the gods. More...

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Oct 31 2011

Iceland gets personal

Category: DestinationsJanet @ 05:33

Tourism boards for every destination are always looking for new ways to lure visitors to come spend their vacation dollars with them. More...


Oct 28 2011

A Snapshot of Hotels Around Cape Town

Category: General | On The SceneCindy @ 06:45

The Cape Town, South Africa, area—arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth—is blessed with a multitude of accommodation options, from small, reasonably priced guesthouses to ultra-luxurious hotels with prices to match. I had the pleasure of staying in six of these properties and visiting a seventh during a recent weeklong stay there. More...

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Oct 24 2011

Warm wishes in Boston

Coat weather seemed to sneak up on us in North Carolina, so I can only imagine how it feels in the rest of the country, but the falling temperatures don't have to restrict your vacation options. This winter, consider a visit to Boston: a historic U.S. city with a small-town feel built into a lively metropolis.More...

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